Ever thought why all the tech giants use Coding standards, So let me tell you this secret ;)

Coding Standards are a set of guidelines & best practices that developers adhere to when writing source code for a project. Let’s see why all giant software companies have them. Here’s my personal answer to this question.

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Ever heard about A $460 Million Software Glitch the costliest computer bug ever. $10 million a minute. It took 17 years of dedicated work to build Knight Capital Group into one of the leading trading houses on Wall Street and it all nearly ended in less than one hour. …

Let me tell you the Big Picture Behind Companies Success

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Microservices is a hot topic in software development circles these days and working in a company whose products are deployed overseas taught me very good reasons to use microservices, let me teach you that.

What is microservice in nutshell .?

Let’s make like Dijkstra’s and find the shortest path between you and me ;)

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Either I love someone too much, or not at all. There’s no in-between, only Binary ;)

I promise you to be with you at each phase of life same as a pointer to a linked list.

How nice would it be if you sent a Romantic Message every hour to your loved one? But even better…

How awesome would it be to do it automatically by writing a simple program? We are after all… programmers, right??

Everyone has a unique style of proposing his/her beloved. Being a nerd I tried it in my unique way of using coding concepts. I hope you will all like it.

Ever written API contracts for a Cross-functional team, let me teach you that ;)

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API Contracts — Image by the Author

What is an API contract?

API Contract is the documentation of the API. This document is the place where you declare how your API will behave, it includes the endpoints URLs, the actions of each endpoint, arguments, examples of the responses, and any other detail, the development team thinks is interesting to be documented.

There are several file formats that allow you to create a contract and obtain your documentation (or mock server, automated tests, etc.). The most common today is an OpenAPI Specification (formerly known as Swagger).

How does the contract work?

The contract is defined by the providers of the service and destined for the consumers of the…

A person who has lost countless hours during debugging knows exactly what I mean ;)

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There is a part of software development that not all developers take very seriously. That part is proper logging and everyone who has lost countless hours during debugging knows exactly what I mean. A large part of software developers’ lives is monitoring, troubleshooting, and debugging. Logging makes this a much easier and smoother process. Let’s see how.

Why do we need logging and how it has helped me.

I’m a developer in a company whose products are deployed overseas. When a support team comes in asking about a problem definition, my only tools for diagnosis are my log files and a copy of the customer’s database. Using the database and my…

All code is guilty until proven innocent 😉😅

“No amount of testing can prove a software right, a single test can prove a software wrong.” — Amir Ghahra

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Why use TDD?

There are studies, papers, and discussions about how effective TDD is. Even though it is definitely useful to have some numbers, I don’t think they answer the question of why we should use TDD in the first place.

Say that you are a web developer. You have just finished a small feature. Do you consider it enough to test this feature just by interacting manually with the browser? I don’t think it’s enough to rely just on tests done by…

Ever wondered why most of the companies use REST API’s to create web services, let me tell you this secret ;)

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In the era of integrations, sharing data between systems is more important than ever. Today there are no projects or applications that don’t have a REST API for the creation of professional services. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook … hundreds of companies generate business thanks to REST and REST APIs. Without them, any horizontal growth would be practically impossible. This is because REST is the most logical, efficient, and widespread standard in the creation of APIs for Internet services. So, let’s take a deeper look at it.

What is an API (Application Programming Interface) ???

Skyrocketing your understanding of the SpringBoot project’s architecture

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Spring Boot is an advanced version or project of the Spring framework. Along with the Spring framework, it also consists of third-party libraries and Embedded HTTP servers. The aim of Spring Boot is to completely remove the use of XML-based and annotation-based configuration in the applications.

All you need to know when to use Lazy Annotation and its Effects

Hi Folks! Today I will be talking about Lazy Annotation which we use in SpringBoot and what does it do and how do we use it, and also in what cases we should use it. So let’s get started.

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Lazy Lazy Lazy ..!!

Sometimes we don’t need a Bean at App startup, but when we request it, It’s worth to consider lazy initialization for connected beans, especially if they consume valuable resources.


It prevents the pre-initialization of a bean at the start of the app. If present and set to true, the bean won’t be initialized until referenced by…

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